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Arvato provides customer service for ...
17 May 2017
On May 1st our Rituals account went live with teams in Maastricht and at Rituals' head office in Amsterdam.
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Schiphol celebrates COPC certification
16 May 2017
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Arvato’s Schiphol account is celebrating after receiving COPC certification on Monday the 1st of May.
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Our brand new TalentPitch is live
21 Dec 2016
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We are proud to announce we have released our brand new TalentPitch. We have completely renewed its design, games and films. Our ...
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Drop by and get to know Arvato!
21 Oct 2016
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A job in a customer service department, quite often you are not quite sure what to expect. That’s why we would like to give you ...
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Arvato signs new client to Maastricht site

03 Jul 2015

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Arvato Benelux B.V. will welcome new client Satellic to its Maastricht site from 1st October.

A signed three-year contract charges Arvato Benelux with providing customer service via telephone, email, mail and chat, on behalf of the Belgian kilometre charging system for trucks over 3,5 tons.

Tom Custers, Business Unit Manager Customer Services at Arvato Benelux B.V., said that the new partnership with Satellic NV presented an exciting opportunity, made possible with the assistance of Arvato’s international sales team.

“We look forward to servicing Satellic’s diverse customers – from truck drivers to fleet managers - in four languages: Dutch, German, French and English,” he said.

“This partnership also presents an exciting new challenge, as we will provide round-the-clock service, seven days a week, for the first time.”

Frank Hagenmüller, Head of Procurement at Satellic NV, said: “Contracting with Arvato, we are fully convinced having found a reliable and strong partner to even handle the challenging start of operation.”

Arvato will support Satellic’s implementation of a new road tolling system in Belgium, which will go live on 1st April 2016.

The number of customer service agents needed will fluctuate throughout the life of the contract to meet demand peaks. The project will start with 10-20 agents and is likely to swell to 50-60 agents during peak times.

Tom Custers added: “Our partnership with Satellic is also a great opportunity for us to extend our new customer service base in Maastricht. Maastricht is renowned as a customer service hub and we are very focused on growing our presence in the region.”

Located in the Netherlands close to Germany and Belgium, Maastricht provides easy access to staff with multilingual skills. The region is home to approximately 30 customer service companies, employing around 5,000 contact centre workers. This figure is expected to grow to 6,000 by 2020


Additional information:

  • From 1st October 2015 to 31st March 2016, Arvato will assist with the pre-registration phase. From 1st April 2016, when the new Kilometer Charging System comes into effect, Arvato’s service will be broadened to cover invoicing and ongoing unit enquiries.
  • Tolled vehicles must be fitted with an On Board Unit which measures the number of kilometres driven and the journey taken within the Belgian road network (using satellite navigation). The toll is then charged accordingly.
  • Arvato’s logistics arm (based in Zaventem) will manage the distribution of the on board units.
  • Arvato Benelux B.V. is the local branch of the international service provider Arvato Bertelsmann (part of the global media group Bertelsmann). The company provides customer service from three sites in the Netherlands: Venlo, Maastricht and Abcoude.
  • Arvato’s newest site in Maastricht was established in February 2014 with existing client Zalando. Satellic is the second client for the site.
  • Satellic NV, a Belgian company, was set up in 2014 and is a joint venture between T-Systems and Strabag, two companies with extensive experience in road charging systems. Satellic is working for Viapass, an inter-regional entity which represents the Flemish, Walloon and Brussels regions.

About Arvato:

Outsourcing partner Arvato is a leading service provider of effective total solutions relating to Customer Services, Credit Management Services, Marketing & Data Services and International Supply Chain Management for markets in Europe and beyond.

Arvato has an extensive network of over 70,000 employees working in 40 countries worldwide. In the Netherlands, Arvato has offices in Abcoude, Maastricht, Venlo and Venray.

Arvato is part of Arvato AG, the media service provider for Bertelsmann AG, one of the biggest international media concerns. Other well-known Bertelsmann companies in the Netherlands are RTL Nederland and G+J Uitgeverij.

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